Best of all is your ability to keep us guessing; I’m still asked – how did he do it? – but I’m sure you’re not prepared to give away your secrets
Hewlett Packard August 09, 2015
The fact that this was the third occasion on which you have performed at our corporate events is a measure of our appreciation…
Guinness Plc August 09, 2015
I am still in awe of how you managed to achieve your phenomenal experiments whilst entertaining with humour and wit.
ICI August 09, 2015
I truly cannot remember having laughed so much in a long time and will remember forever the sight of my chairman crying with laughter into his table napkin
NCR August 09, 2015
I wanted to thank you for an excellent evening in Marrakesh. We thoroughly enjoyed your after dinner show. It is still very much a talking point and one that brings a smile to everyone’s face
Dr Chai Patal CBE (Chief EXECUTIVE, Priory Group Ltd) August 09, 2015
Absolutely great entertainment, not only did you keep 250 people totally mesmerised for your entire act, you kept them rolling in laughter too
The Mercedes-Benz club August 09, 2015


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