Graham Jolley is a special and unique Entertainer. We have enjoyed him on three different cruises. He rivets people's attention with his wit and humour, and his 'quick on his feet' approach. Also, we appreciate that he is confident enough in himself that he doesn't have to rely on crude language or risqué references in order to supplement his show.
Luisa Georgov - Preferred Travel Holland America Cruise Line August 09, 2015
Thank you again for the wonderful performance on Sunday, you were the talk of the party and the perfect choice for the day. We are still quoting your great jokes and reliving the totally inexplicable mind reading you did. You absolutely made our day.
Maria Franzoni London Speaker Bureau August 09, 2015
Just had to write and tell you how amazing Graham Jolley was at the Lloyds Bank luncheon at the tower of London on Friday. His act is truly mind boggling. I sat at a table nearest to the stage and was totally baffled at his tricks. Thank you so much for a very entertaining afternoon.
Val Rozier August 09, 2015
Thank you for performing at our BMW Group Financial Services Dinner. I can honestly say that the audience were completely mesmerised and baffled by your performance. Our guests were in awe of your show.
Sophie Grimshaw BMW group Financial Services August 09, 2015
Just got back to my room after chatting to Graham after our event. The man is an absolute legend. Never before have I seen an audience so captivated (and well behaved) at a Round Table event. His performance was mind blowing and his interaction with the whole room a skill to behold in itself. He is also a true gentleman, his act was completely free of swearing and smut, which is so rare these days. We have already received many congratulatory comments on the quality of our speaker this year and I would happily recommend him to anyone that would listen. Please pass on our sincere thanks for Graham. He has made our event. Thanks also to you for a fantastic recommendation.
Alistair George George and Company Chartered Surveyors August 09, 2015
What a night! I cannot believe the performance that we saw from Graham Jolley. His mind reading skills are really amazing and I have no idea how he was able to do it. Everybody was completely transfixed by his act and he is truly a unique and fascinating individual
Gordon Greenidge August 09, 2015
Graham was quite brilliant – a stunning performance. You could hear the gasps as he astounded the audience with first class magic. The clients are still ringing me days after the event saying "How the hell did he do that"? His undoubted talent, coupled with a tremendous sense of humour make his act quite unique.
Mick Parker Managing Director, Parker Communications. August 09, 2015
Thank you for coming out to the K Club in Dublin, and entertaining our Financial Services Clients. You gave another wonderful performance, and we look forward to seeing you again at The Four Seasons Hotel in October
Centaur Financial Events August 09, 2015
Amazing! How does he do it? Graham Jolley was again his brilliant entertaining self at our recent event in London. Graham easily keeps the attention of a large crowd with his quick wit and unique approach to his act. The act was superb and had many of the attendees 'Googling' his name afterwards to find out more! We have booked Graham in the past, and no doubt will want him again in the future.
Peter Coates - Commercial Directors Office TSB Network August 09, 2015
Thank you for your wonderful performance in Sardinia. Your show was completely brilliant and left the audience speechless. Theo Paphitas was knocked out by what you did, and he is difficult to please, by his own admission. You were entertaining, funny, fascinating, and we have no clues as to how you performed your special brand of magic.
Tina Fotherby - Director of Public Relations Ryman Stationery & Office Supplies August 09, 2015


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