End of Tour

Graham's tour with Dunlop has come to an end with a grand show in the cosmopolitan city of Dublin, Ireland. Written below is a letter of thanks from an awe-struck guest:

Naturally you know I was thinking of writing. I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening of intrigue at the Killashee. Your mind reading was a joy to watch and we all did leave wondering how you did it! And all this with a delivery that was refreshingly funny.

Anne Marie

Helping Dunlop celebrate their 125th anniversary, Graham added flair to the tour and wowed the crowds with his amazing and mind-boggling tricks.

Graham leaves people trying to fathom out his tricks for days on end, often to no avail!

Closing his United Kingdom tour in Dublin, Graham loved every minute of the 2 month tour.

Dunlop first started business in 1888 with the invention of the pneumatic tyre by John Boyd Dunlop. Since then, they have been leaders in the development of tyres and have dominated the tyre industry with their forward thinking designs. Graham is delighted to have helped them celebrate their heritage and 125 years in business!

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