Graham is a genius – with a multi-generational appeal. A unique mind-reading magician and a great entertainer. I've watched him close-up and have no idea how he does it. All ages will love him.
Giles Brandreth Writer, broadcaster and actor
graham jolley
I have to say your appearance was one of the best performances we have experienced at our Events. You are clearly a Magical being from another Universe. You had us alternatively in stitches and awe! Sometimes at the same time. You are truly awesome.
It was a pleasure working with you Graham.
Julia Wood Group Training and Events Manager - Meteor Group
Thank you again for the wonderful performance on Sunday, you were the talk of the party and the perfect choice for the day. We are still quoting your great jokes and reliving the totally inexplicable mind reading you did. You absolutely made our day.
Maria Franzoni London Speaker Bureau
Amazing! How does he do it? Graham Jolley was again his brilliant entertaining self at our recent event in London. Graham easily keeps the attention of a large crowd with his quick wit and unique approach to his act. The act was superb and had many of the attendees 'Googling' his name afterwards to find out more! We have booked Graham in the past, and no doubt will want him again in the future.
Peter Coates Commercial Directors Office TSB Network
The fact that this was the third occasion on which you have performed at our corporate events is a measure of our appreciation…
Guinness Plc

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